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Confessions from a Con Artist: Protect Yourself! -- Smart Move

Scams Targeting Women

As society becomes more technology-dependent, scams and cons become more prominent. In fact, a National Institute of Justice survey found 58 percent of Americans have been the victim of fraud or attempted fraud. Staying educated on popular kinds of scams or fraud can often be an easy way to keep you safe. Here are some of the most popular scams women statistically tend to fall for:

  • Miracle health cures: These scams promote some sort of “cure” for anything from cancer, to wrinkles, to even obesity. For a high price you can receive the “cure,” which will more than likely not do anything for you.
  • Psychic scams: Usually mailing schemes, these perpetrators will usually promise to tell you your future in return for money. They will often use bad or negative warnings to get people to hear their “fortune.”
  • Internet matrix scams: Like a pyramid scheme, but on the internet, these scams will use advertisements to lure victims with the promise of gifts if enough people sign up. Many never see any gifts.
  • Career opportunity scams: These scams rely on victims paying a fee for a conference, training, or class that will give them a new job. Many of the perpetrators will set up a fake recruiting agency in order to seem real.



Jacqueline Fofana
Detective, Fraud/Forgery Divison, Columbus, Ohio Police
(614) 654-4751

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