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Processed Foods: The Least Worst

ORLANDO, Fla. (Ivanhoe Newswire) -- Processed foods have a bad reputation for being high in fat, sugar and salt, while being low on nutrition.

But dieticians say not all processed foods are created equal. Here are the ones you’re better off keeping on your grocery list.

Processed foods are the majority of what you see in the grocery stores and most likely the most popular foods in your cabinets.

However, there is a list of the least worst when it comes to processed foods.

Frozen foods are usually a no-go, but frozen fruits and veggies are picked at their peak ripeness and frozen to preserve the nutrients, meaning, they are just as nutritious as fresh produce.

To satisfy your sweet tooth grab a power crunch chocolate protein bar. It’s packed with 13 grams of protein and just five grams of sugar.

And finally, add hummus to your list. It goes through minimal processing and aids in digestion while helping maintain healthy cholesterol levels.

If you’re craving something salty, popcorn is your healthiest option, but not the stuff in the microwaveable bag. Use coconut oil and make it in the popcorn maker, then lightly sprinkle it with sea salt. Original cheerios is a whole grain cereal with a good amount of fiber to start your day and only one gram of sugar in one cup.

Contributors to this news report include: Jessica Sanchez, Supervising Producer; Brogan Morris, Producer; Brent Sucher, Editor/Videographer.

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