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Subtle Signs of Eating Disorders

ORLANDO, Fla. (Ivanhoe Newswire) -- 30-million Americans suffer from an eating disorder, but only one in 10 people receive any kind of treatment for it.

While some signs of eating disorders are obvious like dramatic weight loss, refusal to eat and long trips to the bathroom, some signs are not as apparent.

First, poor body image or negative self-talk is a warning sign. Excessive amounts of exercise, panicking over a missed workout or exercising while injured or sick could be an indicator.

People depriving their bodies of nutrition for long periods of time grow soft, fine body hair, like a thin film of fur. Dry and blotchy skin can also be a sign and happens because of dehydration. And look for dry mouth, and sunken cheeks and eyes.

Eating in public can cause anxiety for someone with an eating disorder. However people with anorexia often enjoy cooking for people as a way of eating through others.

Another sign of someone suffering from an eating disorder is that they often have eating rituals which are similar to compulsive behaviors seen with OCD. These rituals can be anything from arranging food in patterns to cutting food up into very small pieces.  

If you know someone showing any of these signs, don’t overlook them; instead get them the professional help they need.

Contributors to this news report include: Mary Stufano, Assistant Producer and Writer; and Jamie Koczan, Editor. 

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