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Women at the Top — Secrets to Success

TAMPA, Fla. (Ivanhoe Newswire) -- The latest statistics show that there are 20 female CEO's running America’s largest companies. That’s up from previous years. So what's the secret ingredient to making it to the top of your game?

Karen Holbrook is visiting her former coworker at the University of South Florida. The 70 year old just can't sit still, she never has.

Former Ohio State President and Higher Education Consultant, Karen Holbrook, told Ivanhoe, “I really like work. I really like working hard.”

Her resume is packed. Research scientist, the Ohio State University president, university of Georgia provost, University of Florida, National Institutes of Health, Institute of International Education and the list goes on.

Holbrook told Ivanhoe, “I never worked an 8 to 5 job. I always worked pretty much all the time even when I came home I did work but it was just because I loved what it was that I did and I liked being with people who felt the same way I did.”

When doors opened she would walk right in to the opportunities. She has no regrets but she did miss out on some motherhood moments. A fellow university president — Judy genshaft can relate.

Judy Genshaft, President of the University of South Florida, told Ivanhoe, “There is no balance. I mean people will tell you there's a lot of balance, there isn't any balance.”

Besides the balancing act, as a woman, Holbrook has learned a lot as she paved her way through the process. First on her list is that she thinks women shouldn't be so humble.

Holbrook told Ivanhoe, “Women are not as aggressive and they're always willing to say oh I didn't do that, somebody else did that or oh I couldn't possibly be that, somebody else can be.”

Next on her list is that women should set their sights higher and go out of their comfort zone.

“It's hard for them to envision themselves as a leader when they actually are,” Holbrook told Ivanhoe.

And last on her list is to delegate, which is something Holbrook didn't do.

Holbrook told Ivanhoe, “I always wrote all my own talks. I wrote everything I did everything on my own, which is probably not a good thing, but it's sort of the way I operate and I think you really have to step back and let other people do more for you than I would have done.”

So take it from someone who has walked the walk, if you stay on course, you may just end up on top.

Holbrook says she didn't have a master plan when it came to her career. This approach worked for her, other women in similar positions advise setting specific goals.



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