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Advances in health and medicine.
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Advances in health and medicine.
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Advances in health and medicine.
Marjorie Bekaert Thomas
Advances in health and medicine.
Reported June 6, 2014

Robot Birth -- In Depth Doctor's Interview

Roger Coven, MD, OB/GYN at The Valley Hospital talks about a new high-tech robot who helps train delivery room doctors and nurses

What was going on in the delivery room?

Dr. Coven: We simulated a situation where we’ve encountered a shoulder dystocia, which is one of the more feared complications of childbirth. The idea was to practice a complication that we encounter, but to practice it to where the situation requires more maneuvers than most of us have ever done before. So while I may have done the first maneuver many, many, many times I’ve never had to go to the second or the third maneuver. The idea is to get everyone mentally prepared to do that if they ever have to, but also to develop the teamwork that’s necessary to have a successful outcome.

How was the teamwork?

Dr. Coven: In this situation, it worked perfectly because everybody had a chance to think about it in advance and it was scripted.

It was scripted but what was the feeling like? Did you still have the adrenaline rush that you would have in a real scenario?

Dr. Coven: No, not even close.

How is this helpful for you?

Dr. Coven: You do not want to get into a situation that you’ve never been in and not had a chance to think about it and prepare for it.  It's one thing to sit at your desk and think 'what would I do if that would ever happen?' But it’s another thing to be there and actually go through the maneuvers several times, see how the team with you reacts and prepare together for a situation that’s not very common.

Is the main bottomline of the outcome patient safety ?

Dr. Coven: That’s what this is all driven by. There’s been an incredible initiative in the last several years in medicine towards patient safety and this is just one component.

How often is it that you’re able to practice together?

Dr. Coven: This is new for us. We did do simulations about two years ago for a brief time. Now we’ve purchased Noel and we’re developing a more formal program. The first sessions are just coming up next month. In fact we’re having our first team meeting tomorrow to prepare for this.

Is robotic simulations something you could see in the world of medicine's future?

Dr. Coven: Definitely. It’s something that’s gaining traction.

Is this also a way to refresh?

Dr. Coven: It is. It's also a way to practice scenarios that just don’t occur very often.  Still, we obviously need to be prepared for them.


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If you would like more information, please contact: 

Beth McGovern, MSN, RNC-OB
Clinical Practice Specialist
The Valley Hospital

To read the full report, Robot Birth, click here.

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